Sunday, March 8, 2009

With both youth and experience on his side,Sanjeev Naik will be the right choice for representing Thane in the Indian parliament.

More than three decades ago, some areas of Thane and Raigad districts were carved out to form Navi Mumbai. Now, destiny has chosen Sanjeev Naik, Navi Mumai’s first mayor to capture the parliamentary seat of Thane.

Though he is only 36, Sanjeev Naik is not New to Politics. Born with the blue blood in veins, the son of Navi Mumbai strongman and Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik has already proven his mettle in politics. He was elected the first mayor of Navi Mumbai and he went on to complete two more terms. Known for his political engineering and a perpetually smiling face, Sanjeev Naik’s amicable mannerisms and respect for elders is appreciated even by his adversaries. Political pundits are of the Opnion that it was master stroke of NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar to field Sanjeev Naik in place of Old faces like Vasant Davkhare.

Many experts are of the opinion that Sanjeev Naik’s winning chances are directly propotional to the whole-heartedness of congress cadres in supporting him.

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