Monday, March 9, 2009

Have a Smooth Ride-go on the Thane Belapur Road Says Sanjeev Naik.

While the concretization work at Thane Belapur Road might have brought nightmares to the commuters for the last two years, with the work coming to a closure, everyone is praising NMMC for the smooth drive on the concretized roads.
The Thane Belapur Road – has been commuters’ worst nightmares for decades but looks like the nightmare is finally coming to a closure with the closure of the concretization work of the road. The concretization project that was promoted by Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik and pushed by first Mayor Dr. Sanjeev Naik at the NMMC level. But as the work of concretization is coming to an end, the opinion of the masses, News surveyed would be music to the ears of the ruling front at NMMC that has only heard criticism for it so far. Media spoke to every segment of commuters and tax paying citizens in Navi Mumbai and Thane, the unanimous opinion is that the drive to and fro from this stretch especially for Navi Mumbaikars and Thaneites was never this smooth, no traffic congestion and time saving.

The NMMC ensured that the work lived up to the promises made to citizens and hands down, with the additional lanes, greenery, decorative lights, traffic signals and pedestrian crossings – the concretized Thane Belapur Road is forcing even the critics to admit that it’s a job well done.

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