Saturday, March 7, 2009

Party Workers Support Sanjeev Naik’s Candidature for the elections.

NCP workers deny that Sanjeev Naik’s candidature for the bye-elections came as a surprise for them. They claims that they were, In fact, Preparing themselves for the elections next year.
Gopinath Thakur, NCP’s district president of Navi Mumbai, opnies that Sanjeev Naik is the right canididate for the party in the forthcoming elections.

“He is an able administrator and experienced as well. Even if he has just eight months to prove himself, he will and that is something everyone will see for themselves,” said Thakur.
Anjani Bhoir, mayor of Navi Mumbai, perceives Naik as the best candidate for the forthcoming elections.

“Sanjeev Naik is a wise man and he has the ablility to connect well with people of all age groups and all walks of life. He can reach out to People, not just in the city, but in rural and tribal areas as well. He is the son of the soil,” she claims.

According to Ram Vichare, chairman of NMMC’s education Committee, Sanjeev Naik can bring about a key transformation in the educational sector and his candidature was expected.

“He has always aimed at providing 100% percent literacy, even when he was the mayor of Navi Mumbai. He can tap funds from the state as well as the Central government with his convincing skills.” Said Vichare.

Dr. Jayaji Nath corporator and spokesperson of the NCP in the NMMC, adds “When people vote, they expect their candidate to work for them. One should closely study the personal profile of the candidate and his experience and his past work and then vote. A candidate’s past performance and his ability to do quality work should be kept in mind while voting. Sanjeev Naik has managed to get water supply form Morbe Dam and has been instrumental in the work on the Thane-Belapur road and has set up several sewerage plants at Vashi, Nerul and Airoli during his tenure as the mayor of Navi Mumbai. His works Speaks Volume about him.”

However, Sanjeev Naik was preparing himself for this election for a long time. It was decided that he would contest this election next year.”

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