Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mayor Sanjeev Naik attended NMMC Organises Cultural Event to mark Teacher Day Celebrations

September 5, 2008,
On the occasion of Teachers Day, a cultural event was at D Y Patil auditorium by NMMC. On the occasion of teacher’s day, NMMC Education department held an event at D Y Patil auditorium. Present during the occasion as the chief guest was former Chief Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari. Many teachers of Navi Mumbai were felicitated during the event. Along with the teachers, students who had excelled in their examinations were also felicitated. We spoke with former Chief Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari during the event. Also present during the vent were Mayor Anjani Bhoir, first Mayor Sanjeev Naik, Deputy Mayor Shashikant Birajdaar, NMMC Education Chairman Ravi Iyer.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mayor Sanjeev Naik Confers Former with Medline University of USA Doctorate

December 22, 2008,
Later in the day, a grand felicitation ceremony was organized by Lions Club of Koperkhairane, South Indian Association of Navi Mumbai and Indian Diamond Marshal Arts association of India, for former Mayor Sanjeev Naik who has been conferred with the title of doctorate by Medline University in USA.Many Lions club members and well-wishers of former Mayor Sanjeev Naik were present during the felicitation ceremony.
NMMC Education Committee Chairman Ravi Iyer and Lion Club International PRO N R Parmeshwaran addressed the audience and congratulated Sanjeev Naik on being awarded with the degree of PHD from Medline University. He was felicitated by Lions Club International's District Governor Rajeshkumar Mehra. Former Mayor Dr. Sanjeev Naik too addressed the audience. In his speech, he spoke on the various infrastructure and development projects brought about in the city keeping in mind the conservation of the environment. Speaking to the media, he expressed his happiness on being conferred with a doctorate.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Former Mayor Sanjeev Naik Pays visit to the victims of Deadly MSRTC Accident That Killed 21

November 3, 2008
In a shocking incident, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation bus that was traveling from Thane to Diveghar plunged into a deep gorge in the Ghonse ghat in Raigad district on Saturday, leaving 21 dead and several injured. Former Mayor Sanjeev Naik paid a visit to those admitted in the hospital.
Most of the passengers on the fated bus were on their way back from Mumbai and Thane after celebrating Diwali with relatives. The bus was on its way to Diveghar from Thane. 21 of the travellers lost their lives while around 36 were injured. The injured were admitted in Sion Hospital. Paying a visit to the injured in this traumatic accident was former Mayor Sanjeev Naik and MLC from Thane Jitendra Ahwad. We spoke to the dean of the hospital regarding the case.
MSRTC officials have stated that compensation of Rs 1 lakh would be compensated to the families of the deceased and full medical compensation would be given to the injured.

Mayor Sanjeev Naik Held Roze Iftaar at NMSA

September 26, 2008
With the aim of spreading the message of equality, brotherhood and peace, the Navi Mumbai Kala and Krida Sanskritik Sankul organized an Iftaar Party where Thane Guradian Minister Ganesh Naik was the Chief Guest. He gave the message of maintaining peace on the occasion.
The highlight of the celebration was that people belonging to various communities were present during the Iftaar party. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik was present as the Chief Guest in this party. He also added that it was wrong to blame the entire Muslim community for mistakes of a few. Along with the Minister, Navi Mumbai Mayor Anjani Bhoir, Police commissioner Ramrao Wagh, Zone 1 DCP RD Shinde, First Mayor Sanjeev Naik, Ali M Shamsi, Dilip Rane and many corporators were present.

Mayor Sanjeev Naik Attended Common Wealth Games in Navi Mumbai

September 8, 2008,
The torch for the third Common wealth Youth Games was in Navi Mumbai at Belapur. Many students were present during the torch relay.
The Commonwealth Youth Games embody the spirit of humanity, achievement and harmony. The third common wealth youth games would be held in Pune this time from 12 to 18 october. Around 17 cpuntries are participating in this with around 2300 participating. The torch relay will be taking a round in the country covering 9 states in which 7 states are completed. The next visit of the torch relay would be to Karnataka and Goa.
Many students participated in the event. Also present were Mayor Anjani Bhoir, First Mayor Sanjeev Naik, Deputy Mayor Shashikant Birajdaar along with others.

Airoli Sports Association Holds Run-A-Thon

September 5, 2008,
On the occasion of Teachers Day, a cultural event was at D Y Patil auditorium by NMMC. On the occasion of teacher’s day, NMMC Education department held an event at D Y Patil auditorium. Present during the occasion as the chief guest was former Chief Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari. Many teachers of Navi Mumbai were felicitated during the event. Along with the teachers, students who had excelled in their examinations were also felicitated. We spoke with former Chief Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari during the event. Also present during the vent were Mayor Anjani Bhoir, first Mayor Sanjeev Naik, Deputy Mayor Shashikant Birajdaar, NMMC Education Chairman Ravi Iyer.

Mayor Sanjeev Naik organized Book Distribution programs at CBD

July 25, 2008

The NCP had conducted a major program of distributing books to students of Municipal schools. The mission continued at CBD Belapur this time.
According to NCP sources, over 2500 books have been distributed in the NCP’s new mission of making notebooks available for students hailing from economically weaker backgrounds. The distribution of books by NCP is an attempt to work in the interest of the masses here. The same continued as first Mayor Sanjeev Naik distributed books to municipal students at Agroli village. First Mayor Anjani Bhoir and local corporator Ashok PAtil were present here. On the occasion, Sanjeev Naik inaugurated a NCP party office.

Mayor Sanjeev Naik feliciated Alert Sanpada Resident

June 6, 2008,

Sridhar Sonawane, a Sanpada resident who found the explosive device at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium was felicitated at an event at the auditorium for his alertness and bravery.
On the occasion of World Environment Day various events and programs were held to instill the importance of environment in people. On the day, Sridhar Sonawane, a resident of Sanpada who deterred the terrorists’ target of planting an explosive device at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium was felicitated in the presence of Mayor Anjani Bhoir, first Mayor Sanjeev Naik and MLA Bhai Jagtap for his alertness and bravery. Sonawane was felicitated during a program held by National Civil and Environment Protection at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium. It was the alertness of this resident that around 300 people in the auditorium were saved from a dreadful explosion.
We also spoke with first mayor Sanjeev Naik who commended Sonawane for his activeness. He further spoke on the threats that the environment was facing. While crores of rupees are being spent to conserve environment, the situation today is still worse. All the efforts will become fruitful only after each one of use realize the need of preserving the environment and in our small way take steps to do conserve it.

Kripa Shankar Visits Navi Mumabi to woo Voters in Support of NCP Candidate Sanjeev Naik

May 21, 2008,
North Indians leader MLA Kripashankar Singh too was seen playing a significant role in the campaigning meet was held in support of the NCP candidate Sanjeev Naik for the Thane Lok Sabha by polls. During the meet he appealed to all North Indians present to support Sanjeev Naik. Present during the meet with him was Power Minister Dilip Valse Patil. Power Minister Dipil Valse Patil too quested the crowd if they would support a party which was known for being communal and believed in casteism.Kripashankar Singh appeal to voters to support Sanjeev Naik.

We also spoke with power Minister Dilip Valse Patil during the meet. Looking at the way the top leaders of both the NCP and Congress Party have come o the roads to ensure the victory of their candidate Sanjeev Naik.

For Campaign of NCP Candidate Sanjeev Naik comes Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh

May 16, 2008,
Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh was present at Sanpada to campaign for Thane Lok Sabha by elections candidate Sanjeev Naik. The Chief Minister was present at Patel hall in Sanpada where he appealed to all to put aside their differences and come together to vote for Sanjeev Naik.
Present for the campaigning for the Thane Lok Sabha elections for NCP-Congress-RPI candidate Sanjeev Naik, was the Chief Minister himself, Vilasrao Deshmukh. Speaking during the meet, he appealed to all the members of the NCP and Congress to forget their differences with NMMC and come forward to vote for Sanjeev Naik. He stated in clear words that he has appointed Ramsheth Thakur to take up the responsibility to oversee the Congress Ministers of Navi Mumbai during the elections and anyone found to betray them would be dealt with seriousness. Although the Chief Minister was present to guide the ministers, the absence of many ministers put a question mark on the activeness of the Congress Party. Even the NCP’s local leader and Deputy Mayor of Navi Mumbai, Shashikant Birajdar was embarrassed by the absenteeism of ministers and was seen defending them in front of the minister. The presence of Vilasrao Deshmukh preaching as well as challenging the ministers in Navi Mumbai shows the dynamism of Ganesh naik. Where on one side with the aid of NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar, he tried to settle down the differences with the NCP party, on the other hand with the help of the Chief Minister he tried to bring down the differences of the Congress party. Speaking to the media, he stated that winning of Sanjeev Naik was now a matter of pride for them.

Speaking on Sanjeev Naik, he stated that Sanjeev Naik was an able and experienced leader. The way in which unity is seen between the NCP and Congress, looks like the ruling party is seeing the Thane Lok Sabha elections as a testing ground for the upcoming elections.

Mp Candidate Sanjeev Naik Stress Development Projects for Regions if Elected Fro Thane by Polls

May 9, 2008
Sanjeev Naik conducted the first press conference after being nominated as NCP Congress RPI candidate in the Thane Lok Sabha by poll.
I trust the sanctity and wisdom of the voters in the country’s second largest constituency and I firmly believe that Sanjeev Naik’s victory will not be my victory of the people of this region,’ voiced Sanjeev Naik while addressing his first press conference at Vashi to the media about the projects and agenda of the NCP congress-RPI- Lal Nishan front candidate in the Thane Lok sabha by poll to be held on may 22. Sanjeev Naik’s maturity, respect for his opponents and commitment to the task ahead for the development of the region and the welfare of the citizens, was clearly and genuinely evident in every word he spoke to the media. Inspite of the constituency being nearly 70% urban and 30% rural, Sanjeev Naik expressed equal concern for both regions and testified his total awareness of all issues affecting the region. He pointed out the need for railway lines to carry farm products from the hinterland to the urban markets, providing gas pipelines , the utilization of forest lands in tune with environmental concerns, providing ownerships of lands to landless farmers tilling the lands for generations, formulating a policy for conservation of mangroves without obstructing essential development, taking a decision on the thousands of acres of salt pan lands, providing the metro mono rail networks in the region and planning and providing world class infrastructure to the constituency. Referring to Rs. 20000 crores proposed to be spent annually for augmenting infrastructure in the MMRDA region under the JNNURM,BUDP and other government funding, pledged to initiate and implement all the development and infrastructure projects essential in the constituency he assured to clear backlog of proposed works caused by the 2 and half years sickness of the former MP. Though the tenure of the MP to be elected in the by-poll will be very brief about 12 to 15 months only, sometimes even the complete tenure of 5 years is too short to get works approved and implemented. He asserted that the by-poll was significant as it would direct the political future of the constituency and Thane district with 24 legislators in the new assembly next year would be responsible to decide the Chief Minister of the State.

NCP’S Sanjeev Naik Files his Nomination in a Power Packed Brigade

May 3, 2008,
NCP candidate Sanjeev Naik filed his nominations for the elections at the Collector’s Office in Thane. Power, more power and then a little more power – that is how the nomination filing ceremony of NCP candidate Sanjeev Naik can be best described. And this had to be, for the Thane Belapur Lok Sabha constituency is a trailer of who will rule the corridors of power in the next assembly elections in the state. The Thane Collector’s office looked like a fortress with strict police bandobast as senior most leaders of the NCP party arrived to stand by Sanjeev Naik as he filed his nominations as the NCP candidate for the by polls. Sanjeev Naik. Despite some factions being upset over Sanjeev Naik’s nomination, the ultimatum given by Sharad Pawar in a closed door meeting worked magic for the party or atleast on the face of it. The prominent presenters were MP Supriya Sule, Home Minister R R Patil, Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, Social Welfare Minister Chandrakant Handore, NCP State President Arun Gujrati, Food and Supplies Minister Sunil Tatkare, NCP leaders Madan Bafna, Vasant Dhaukare, MLAs Gothiram Pawar, Kisan Kathore, Muzzaffar Husain and Pappu Kalani along with 1000 of party workers. We spoke to several leaders on their candidate.
Sanjeev Naik – the man that is at the center of it all and promises to change the course of political hold in Thane Belapur Constituency spoke to media With all nominations filed.

Mayor Sanjeev Naik Celebrated Mahavir jayanthi Across Navi Mumbai

April 18, 2008
Continuing in its waves of celebrations, the city rejoiced now in the birth celebrations of Mahavir Jayanti.Mahavir Jayanti is one of the most celebrated festivals. Mahavir was a reformer who vehemently opposed the ritualism and false beliefs, which saddled Hinduism in later Vedic times. Mahavir was a prince born in 599 BC in a royal family. At the age of 30 he undertook austere penance till he achieved realization.
On the day of Mahavir Jayanthi many members of the Jain community make offerings of milk, rice, fruit, incense, lamps and water to the tirthankar. Navi Mumbai too saw celebrated this festival by taking out a rally with the theme of Live and Let live. Present during the rally as the chief guest was First Mayor Sanjeev Naik and NCP corporatir Chnadrakant Patuil. We spoke with the people about their feelings on this day.

Sanjeev Naik Meets Cidco Chairman

March 26, 2008,
A delegation of PAP under the leadership of former Mayor Sanjeev Naik met CIDCO Chairman Nakul Patil and Managing Director G S Gill over the issue of regularizing PAP homes.
It is a known fact that extending families was the single biggest reason for PAPs extending their homes in Gaothan areas of the city that mostly are the villages in most nodes. But the threat of illegal extension looms over the heads of all these PAP's. A delegation of PAPs under the headship of former Mayor Sanjeev Naik met CIDCO Chairman Nakul Patil and Managing Director G S Gill with an appeal to regularize there homes and on rates that are affordable. It may be recalled that when Sharad Pawar was the Chief Minister of the state, he had proposed regularizing the illegal extensions made by PAPs at minimal rates but it has been 17 years to that decision and yet the regularization process has not taken place. Former Mayor Sanjeev Naik has appealed that even if rates are increased it be in an affordable bracket.

Mayor Sanjeev naik inaugurated NBSA inter School Football Tournament

October 16, 2006,
The Junior College Sports Association of Mumbai are conducting the inter school football tournament at Vashi. Former Mayor Sanjeev Naik at Vashi inaugurated the tournament. The Junior College Sports Association of Mumbai has been organizing this tournament for the last 27 years. This is the first time the tournament is being held in Navi Mumbai. Schools from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Raigad are participating in the tournament. There are 67 boys and 10 girls’ team participating in the event. The tournament will culminate on the 19th of this month.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Vote for Sanjeev Naik is mandate for development

Koperkhairane, Navi Mumbai,
"Shri R.R.Patil Said, he was addressing the large gathering of supporters of Shri. Sanjeev Naik for the Thane Lok Sabha by poll at the R.F. Naik school ground, here on may 14.
Shri. R.R.Patil further stated stated that the NCP-Congress-RPI progressive, secular front candidate Sanjeev Naik has been given a historic candidature and hence it testifies the party's trust in him for the welfare of the city and it's citizens.
A galaxy of state leaders graced the dias, which included Shri Chagan Bhujbal, Shri Bahanrao Pachpute, Shri Dilip walse Patil, Shri Ganesh Naik, Shri Chandrakant Handore, Shri Arun Gujarati, Mrs. Nivedita Mane, Shri Vasant Davkahre.
The Local leaders present included mayor of Navi Mumbai Anjani bhoir, deputy mayor shashkant Birjdar, Navi Mumbai Congress President Namdev Bhagat, NMMC opposition leader Dashrath Bhagat, Navi Mumbai NCP President Gopinath Thakur, President of NCP Mahila wing of Navi mumbai Kamaltai Patil, President of Navi Mumbai Congress Mahila wing sudarshana kaushik, M.A.Patil chief of lal Nishan Party, Babasaheb Gokhale chief of Lok Shahir Annabhau Sathe corpotation, narendra Patil leader of Mathadi union, former deputy mayor and AICC member Anil Kaushik, Ankush Sonawane Congress SC/ST cell leader and independent corporator Sudhakar Sonawane.
Shri R.R.Patil mentioned the role of Sanjeev Naik in approving the initative to purchase the Morbe Dam for Navi Mumbai and expressed his ability to do the same for the Thane region.
Shri Babanrao Pachpute stating that no small trees grow under a big banyan tree, informed shri Ganesh Naik is like the sandalwood tree below which saplings grew and the flowering of Sanjeev Naik is a fitting testimony of this.
Mrs. Manda Mhatre called the candidature to Sanjeev naik by shir Sharadchandra Pawar as an opportunity to youth and trust in emerging leadership of dynamic youth in the country. she said that it was now the responsiblility of the party workers to uphold sharadchandra Pawar's trust by giving a large mandate to Sanjeev Naik.