Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sanjeev Naik is the right candidate for the MP's Post.

“Sanjeev Naik is the right candidate for the MP’s post. The country needs the leadership of young generation. We have the leadership of several youngsters in the parliament like Rahul Gandhi and Sanjeev Naik is a honest and brilliant candidate we ever have got hence it is the duty of every party man to work for him,” said the chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh while addressing the gathering at Sanpada at the Patel hall on Thursday, May 15.
Urging the party workers to work together and send MR. Sanjeev Naik to Delhi as the MP form this area, MR. Deshmukh told the party workers to forget all their previous differences and work jointly for the victory of Sanjeev Naik, “This is the most important election and prestigious for the party,” said MR. Deshmukh. Many party leaders like MR. Chandrakant Handore present on the occasion.

Earlier on Thursday, while briefing mediapersons, Mr. Deshmukh also cleared the doubts on the second international airport at Navi Mumbai and said that the project has received in principle approval from the union minister of environment and forest. “We have received the approval on Wednesday and the airport will be constructed by 2012,” said Mr. Deshmukh on Thursday.

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