Monday, April 27, 2009

We are with Sanjeev Naik: Keralites.

DNA, Navi Mumbai
April 28, 2008
Hundreds of Members of the Malayalee community in the satellite city, led by some of their prominent opinion leaders, marched in a rally from Mahape to Vashi Yesterday evening.

The all-Malayalee rally voiced its support for the NCP candidate Sanjeev naik and urged the members of the community residing in the nodes of Ghansoli, koparkhiarane and Vashi to follow suit and ensure that they turn out to vote for Naik. The rally was organized under the auspices of the Dakshin Bhartiya Seva Sangh, headed by prominent Malayalee Sasi Damodaran, who is also the chairman of NMMT. Nearly 3000 members of the community’s association turned out for the rally, which commenced around 5.00 pm and continued well past 9.00 pm by the time it wound up in Vashi. “We, as a community, are voicing our support for an educated, sincere candidate to represent the educated people of Navi Mumbai in the Parliament,” said Damodaran.

The rally was originally stated to commence from Airoli, but was re-scheduled from Mahape at the last moment due to security reasons. Members of various local Malayalee associations, religious bodies and organizations also joined hands for the rally under the banner of the city-based Dakshin Bhartiya Seva Sangh.

NMMC Corporator sabu Daniel too spoke out in favour of Naik, “We are taking the rally to express our solidarity towards the NCP party. We applied for proper police permission for the same and conducted the rally in a systematic way.”

The rally by Keralites is a first-of-its-kind effort in the satellite city. Where in an entire community-and-an influential one at that- has poured onto the streets to express its support for a political candidate.

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ken said...

This GIMMICK by the NAIK family supporter Sashi damodaran and Sabu daniel under the banner of little known Dakshin baratiya seva sangh is not going to influence the educated malayali community of Navi mumbai.
Damodaran talks about the candidate being well educated knowing that the candidate is just 12th passed.