Friday, April 24, 2009

Dr.Sanjeev Naik, who became mayor of Navi Mumbai at the young age of 23, has proved his ability to work for the welfare of the masses.

New Shining Bombay

While there has been a drastic geographical change in the erstwhile PARLIAMENTARY CONSTITUENCY due to delimitation, the width of one of the new and resultant constituencies has not changes much. That means a candidate for a single constituency, such as Thane-Belapur, will have to represent an area right from Navi Mumbai to Thane,Bhayander and Uttan, as one of the major developing areas.

The interests of the people in this constituency are as varied as are the locations.Navi Mumbai has outgrown the initial expectations of the Government and CIDCO and has become a real city in readiness for the crown in the 21st Century.

While the upcoming elections are being held on such an electrol canvas, the political equations are in for fertile adjustments for a secular candidate. These equations could mean that the NCP-Congress-RPI Candidate Dr.Sanjeev Naik stands a little taller than his opponents in the electrol fray. With the latest developments, Samajwadi Party has provided open support for him along with the faction held by Ram Vilas Paswan. In another political development Mr.Hitendra Thakur of the Vasai Vikas Aghadi has spoken very high of Dr.Sanjeev Naik and has Provide full support of the Aghadi for him. It is not yet known to whom this success is to be attributed but it is a fact that most of the RPI factions have joined hands and provided full support for Dr.Sanjeev Naik.

What is it that will make the NCP-Congress-RPI candidate Dr.Sanjeev Naik clicks with the Voters?

The question was put to selective lot of voters from different Legislative Assembly segments of the constituency. The consensus was that he is educated, well groomed politically and has done something worthy to prove his merits in Navi Mumbai. Although the answers varied for a question like why the turnout was low for the elections held six months earlier, most of the voters felt that the turnout this time will show a remarkable improvement. The increase would have been attributed to general awareness campaigns put up by various organizations.

There should be a contact office and the smallest of the small complaints should reach the elected representative. He should understand the aspirations of the common people in his constituency and should have viable solutions to their genuine problems.

The elected representative should be resonant with their legitimate demands, and considering that he would be a parliamentarian, should have abilities to expressly put these demands before Central Government for action. As a public servant they should be squarely aware about public service.

In the Present nomination for the Thane-Belapur Constituency, Dr.Sanjeev Naik has emerged as a mature candidate for his party as well.

This is Irrespective of the fact that he happens to be the son of the Maharashtra Minister and NCP heavyweight Mr. Ganesh Naik.

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